VIDEO: P2P Accounts Payable Tips: Process Hinders Growth


If you’re not pulling ahead in the world of business, you’re probably falling behind. Indeed, growth is a goal for many organizations, and for those that can deliver on their promises in a timely manner, it’s often within reach. But growth brings with it its own set of challenges that can often be just as dangerous as stagnation. Resources across the organization are stretched to the limits as increased workloads test the mettle of your company. Failure to prepare can prove fatal. Your Procure to Pay team, of course, is not immune.

This is why SnapAP’s created a paperless system that is ready to grow at the same rate you do.

SnapAP’s scalable system allows you to handle your accounts from procurement to payment, managing requisitions, purchase order approvals, revisions, invoices and even payments from one easy location. With SnapAP, AP management can occur from any device, from anywhere!

Studies show that with paper systems, one employee is needed for 8-12,000 invoices, per year. With SnapAP your productivity sky rockets 80-90,000 invoices per staff member. Furthermore, our intuitive system greatly reduces errors and missed deadlines. The astounding productivity gains you will experience with SnapAP mean that your Procure to Pay will never be a bottleneck to your growing organization. As the scope of your business increases, there’s no limit to the volume SnapAP will be able to help you handle.


Visit and see for yourself how SnapAP is ready to help you take your business to the next level.

  • June 12, 2018