VIDEO: P2P Accounts Payable Tips: Never a Sense of Control


Control. It’s the opposite of chaos, and whether you’re talking about sports cars, organizational hierarchies or software, it is highly sought after. When it comes to supplier relationships, control can be difficult to maintain. Purchase orders can be modified, while approvals may come in the form of emails, phone calls or sticky notes. Deadlines can be missed and errors can be made. And what about security: who should be privy to what?

Fortunately, SnapAP’s paperless accounts payable software lets you simplify your accounts payable by tracking all aspects of the process, from procurement to payment, in one easy to manage system.

With SnapAP, it takes no time to review the entire order process. Upfront controls eliminate the guesswork in budget management, while electronic approval puts control in your hands, at all times. With a complete information trail, accounting audits become a breeze and invoice cycle times shrink substantially. The entire story will be at your fingertips, including purchase order approvals, providing total transparency and making disputes easy to settle. Not only will you enjoy the convenience, but your suppliers will as well, as they avoid the need for constant phone calls. Additionally, SnapAP allows you to customize who has access to what information, providing a combination of maximum confidentiality and functionality.


Visit for a demonstration. With the intuitive and customizable interface you’ll feel like you traded in a lumbering delivery vehicle for a shiny new sports car.

  • June 11, 2018