VIDEO: P2P Accounts Payable Tips: Long Cycle Times

Time is Money!

These days most people wouldn’t write and send their spouse a paper letter to let them know they’ll be late getting home from work or announce their pleasure with a great day by sending out flyers in the mail. By the time your partner received your communication about being late on Monday, it would already be Thursday! Yet this is exactly how many people treat their accounts payable process, breaking the postman’s back by sending purchase orders, invoices and checks back and forth. The result is unnecessarily long cycle times, decreased productivity in the AP department and credit issues caused by missed deadlines on important payments.

Automate Your Accounts Payable System and Reduce Excessive Cycle Times

The solution is to automate your accounts payable with SnapAP’s paperless procure to pay system. SnapAP automates every aspect of your purchasing process, from Requisitions to purchase orders to invoicing and payment, for maximum efficiency.

With SnapAP’s superior AP automation software you’ll drastically reduce your accounts payable cycle time, creating better relationships with your key suppliers, less frustration internally, and an increased sense of clarity and productivity overall. Instead of weeks or days, your cycle time will be mere minutes, allowing you to move on to the next task at hand. Unlike many other AP systems, SnapAP is fully customizable, encompasses the whole process, and is a snap for you and your clients to use, so adapting is not only smart, it’s easy.

Stop the waiting! Visit and find out how you can free yourself from your paper addiction and decrease accounts payable cycle times.

  • November 20, 2017