VIDEO: P2P Accounts Payable Tips: Long Audit Process

The Not Necessarily Long and Winding Road

A popular bumper sticker reads ‘Now that I’ve finally got it all together, I forgot where I put it.’ For a well-organized AP department, things will run a bit smoother than that, but with purchase orders, revisions, invoices and multiple forms of communication, the auditing process can prove to be a cumbersome and exhausting task. Under the wrong circumstances, what should be a simple action can end up being an unwelcome disruption.

How the Right Centralized Accounting Tool Makes Riding the Audit Trail as Easy as a Walk in the Park

The answer is SnapAP’s paperless accounts payable system, where you’ll find all the information online, in one convenient and easy to use centralized accounting tool. SnapAP’s fast auditing software contains everything you need to know, every step of the way, from procurement to payment, giving you instant access to a full audit trail.

The results will be shorter audits and complete transparency, resulting in greater efficiency for busy staff members, with less chance of costly errors or missed deadlines.  SnapAP’s online AP reporting software provides easy 24/7 access for your staff. Approvals are completely electronic, meaning there’s no need for delay, even if you’re away from the office. Simply put, SnapAP puts it all together for you, and you’ll never have to go looking for it again.


Visit where you’ll be able to download a free e-book telling you everything you need to know about SnapAP’s fast auditing software, and how it can drastically reduce the time and energy you spend on audits.

  • April 30, 2018