VIDEO: P2P Accounts Payable Tips: Lack of Transparency

Transparency and Truth in Accounts Payable Software Reporting

Traditional AP systems often lack transparency, making them convoluted, cumbersome and prone to error. Paper records are never there when you need them, and create discrepancies as your organization and your suppliers deal with outdated or inaccurate copies of purchase orders or invoices. Many software programs lack easy access for multiple users, frequently resulting in more confusion than paper processes. Lack of transparency will often cause errors, miscommunication, delays or even fraud.

In order to avoid this, implement a paperless procure to pay system up front. With SnapAP you will have an easily accessible, undisputable record of truth that can be easily managed by all involved parties.

SnapAP’s accounts payable software reporting means complete transparency to you and your supplier throughout the process. Invoices can be tracked and matched to purchase orders and receipts for maximum clarity. All information is available with drill down capability: Payments to Invoices to Receipts to Purchase Orders are all available in one click

How Implementing a Paperless AP System Can Deliver the Right Information to the Right People

Use SnapAP to track costs throughout the organization for an accurate and useful overview of expenses. Easily confirm that suppliers have received error free purchase orders.

With SnapAP’s accounts payable software multiple users will have access to these AP reports, meaning there is one, simple, error-free version of the truth, eliminating the need for copying, resending and time consuming supplier inquiries. With everybody on the same page, you’ll make quicker, more accurate payments leading to better relationships with suppliers.

Visit to learn more about SnapAP’s paperless accounts payable system. Download our E-Book or schedule a demo and see first-hand the benefits a transparent and paper-free system can have for your organization.

  • November 9, 2017