VIDEO: P2P Accounts Payable Tips: Complex to Use Systems

As Easy As Online Banking

Got a minute? What if I told you about an online accounts payable software system that centralized your supplier relationship from procurement to payment, putting all the relevant information in one spot, increasing productivity, reducing errors and improving supplier relationships? It’s a no-brainer right? Unless, of course, you need a computer science degree to implement and operate it. All of the efficiencies in the world are meaningless if they are offset by a complex and time consuming learning curve. Who’s got the time?

SnapAP’s paperless accounts payable system is not only effective at increasing your transparency and accuracy, it’s also as easy to use as online banking!

Simple Accounts Payable Software, It Does Exist

SnapAP’s interface emphasizes simplicity, so that even as you utilize its broad and comprehensive functions, you’ll do so with ease. SnapAP provides complete searchability and drill down capability, so everything from purchase order to invoice to payment and receipt are there when you need them, stress free!

Training manuals are built in, and supplier on boarding is intuitive. SnapAP’s AP software interfaces easily with your existing ERPs. Best of all, your suppliers will love it too. With easy to use software and straight forward workflow, they’ll be able to create and submit invoices in about 60 seconds flat! I told you this would only take a minute.

Visit and learn more about just how easy it is to implement and operate. In no time flat you’ll be enjoying the benefits of our simple, effective, efficient accounts payable software.

  • May 1, 2018