Using AP Automation to Relieve the Stress of ‘Month End’ Pressures


716af36b-317a-49c1-b7c6-3b36f5abb990 Everyone deals with stress, and everyone has their own methods for coping with the pressures of day-to-day life. While relaxing with a leisurely drive around town or playing some soft music can help many people unwind, this does nothing to address the issues which cause stress in the first place. In the world of business, stress is common among those who manage Accounts Payable for large organizations.  As an Accounts Payable manager, you may find yourself feeling tense as the dreaded ‘Month End Accruals’ time approaches.

Making sure that all accounts are in order and that all financial data is correct can be difficult, especially for larger businesses. Many people find themselves utilizing the traditional methods of account management. However, this is known to be very time-consuming and doesn’t offer any quality controls. AP software systems such as SnapAP are very helpful to large organizations that want an efficient, focused, and adaptable solution for helping to alleviate the month end pressures in the Accounts Payable process.

Accruals Ready in Minutes, Not Days

While many businesses have skilled teams hired for the sole purpose of handling Accounts Payable, using software to automate Accounts Payable provides many benefits. In addition to helping streamline processes, SnapAP Accounts Payable minimizes the chances of costly errors. This makes managing Accounts Payable at the end of the month much easier. Small oversights can add up quickly, making the end of the month a tense time for some organizations.

AP software systems like SnapAP don’t only automate your P2P process, they also add controls and speed to a business’s standard accounts payable processes. This easy-to-use software adds simplicity to a process that can seem very intimidating, especially in larger firms. Dealing with paper invoices and antiquated processes can be stressful, especially as the end of the month approaches and previous errors begin to pile up. Accruals take days, sometimes weeks to complete… with SnapAP, a full list of accruals is created in minutes, meaning that midnight on the last day of the month is MONTH END!  Quick processing and accurate record keeping are what you can expect by utilizing quality accounts payable software systems.

Reducing Costs and Improving Productivity

There are a number of benefits obtained by using this Accounts Payable automation software. In addition to helping streamline the process of managing Accounts Payable and ensuring that waste is reduced, an organization can significantly reduce costs. Small errors add up quickly, leading to stressful times, wasted effort, and increased costs every month end. When you get it right up front, time and money is saved as you no longer scramble to find paper and correct mistakes from earlier in the month.  

An organization that is more precise with its finances also enjoys a greater degree of productivity. It is nerve-racking dealing with loss and waste due to accounting mistakes, and this can also hinder a company’s growth.  AP software programs provide you with the precision you need to manage funds effectively and focus on moving your company forward instead of correcting mistakes from earlier in the month. Software for Accounts Payable greatly improves your existing processes and increases profits within your organization.

Getting Started with AP Software Systems

Many people may be hesitant to adopt programs to help them manage their Accounts Payable process. However, SnapAP is both easy to install and implement for a large organization. SnapAP provides the platform you need to prevent loss within your organization and avoid stressing at the end of the month due to accounting errors, helping  you lower costs and improve productivity overall.

We are happy to provide software for Accounts Payable that can scale with your organization and help you manage your company as you grow to even larger levels. This type of resource may prove very valuable – contact us below to find out more!

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