Unite the Clans! – Bringing Accounts Payable Automation to Every Department


Screenshot_2One of the things that Accounts Payable automation has going for it is the ability to unite disparate departments by bringing together their expenses under one roof. In any business, each department is like its own unique clan, with their own chief (head of department) and its own needs (expenses and invoices to be paid). Having an Accounts Payable software that deals with each department helps to unite the clans under one banner and stop them from overwhelming the business on their own.


Warring Factions

Clans have long since littered the historical landscape with tales that can bring a chill to the bones of even the most stoic warrior. In the battlefield of the twenty-first century, these warring factions exist inside a business and their constant battling can tear a business apart at the seams!

Each department tends to protect its own, to look out for their own interests and to put the success of their own people above that of the business. For a business to truly prosper, there needs to be a mediator, a department that they all have no choice but to deal with, and which has the best interests of the company at heart.

Accounts Payable Automation and a United Clan Force

Accounts Payable is the department that stands to unite all other clans under the single banner of prosperity for the business. To do this, they can utilize unique tools such as Accounts Payable automation in order to make payments from each department (and to each department) happen quicker and more efficiently. This flow of value will appeal to the disparate clan leaders and they will see the value of bringing together the clans for the greater good of the business as a whole. Through this, the Accounts Payable department becomes the great uniter, the Oda Nobunaga of the business. By appealing to the values of the heads of departments, such as getting accounts paid on time and ensuring that resources are always available for their individual departments, you speak their language and bring them into the fold of understanding, with the Accounts Payable clan at the helm.

How to Unite the Clans

Today’s Accounts Payable department has a lot of tools the medieval uniters lacked. One of those tools is the ability to use software such as SnapAP. By educating other departments on what Accounts Payable automation can do for them, you bring them over to your side and make it much easier to implement your automation processes through SnapAP. Contact us today to see what automating your Accounts Payable department can do for your business!


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