The Benefits of Receiving Electronic Invoices With AP Invoice Automation

lessStill using paper Invoices? With SnapAP Automation software available for construction, mining, oil & gas, distribution, forestry, manufacturing, transportation, IT/Telecom companies and others, receiving electronic invoices has become the preferred method of running an Accounts Payable department, offering numerous advantages over a traditional system.  It’s because of these advantages that so many organizations have chosen to permanently upgrade their Accounts Payable department with SnapAP, forever eliminating the need for paper invoices and allowing them to enjoy the numerous benefits of receiving electronic Invoices.

Why Paper Invoices are a thing of the Past

Paper Invoices require storage space. A much bigger issue though is the amount of time and effort they take to properly process. Paper Invoices require an entire department to file and manage correctly, and even then they are prone to causing mistakes. They can be misfiled, misplaced, and lost, and things such as this can often be far too frequent an occurrence. Mistakes such these are not cheap and can cost your business time, money, and relationships with your suppliers. In short, paper Invoices are a costly hassle, and Accounts Payable departments that still rely on them require far more continuous effort to keep running smoothly.

The Advantages of Electronic Invoices

Unlike paper Invoices, electronic Invoices require zero storage space. Better yet, they are stored in the most intuitive, easy to access way possible. With SnapAP Accounts Payable Solutions, all of your Invoices are categorized, sorted, and stored before being electronically paid, ready for you to access with just a few simple clicks. This type of streamlined efficiency virtually eliminates any possibility of human error. With electronic Invoicing, all of your payments are made on time and in the correct amount, each and every time, reducing the risk of costly inaccuracy and getting rid of the need for hours of daily attention to keep it running smoothly.

Start Receiving Electronic Invoices Today and Save Thousands

Fortunately, transitioning to a system that receives electronic Invoices is easier than it has ever been. Implementing SnapAP Accounts Payable Automation Software is a simple and affordable process that can provide your traditional Accounts Payable department with a far more effective and efficient system. If you would like to start receiving electronic Invoices today and eliminate the hassle of dealing with paper Invoices, feel free to contact us and request a free demo of this revolutionary new AP Invoicing software. Easier. Faster. Snappier. Save thousands of dollars each month. SnapAP. Accounts Payable… DONE.