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With SnapAP's Procure-to-Pay Automation Solution (SnapP2P)

Procure-to-Pay is a term used for the system designed to streamline the process of acquiring goods and services, from the Purchase Order through to final Payment and all the 'paperwork' in between. SnapAP offers a full procure-to-pay automation solution that includes electronic Purchase Orders, Electronic Invoices, and Electronic Payments to create a paperless system that works.

The fastest way to lower costs is by implementing a completely automated and paperless P2P solution…all while keeping the process simple and error-free.

By automating through Electronic Purchase Orders, Electronic Invoicing, and Electronic Payments, your Procure-to-Pay process becomes completely paperless. Add the automated processing and approval cycles, and you can see how Procure-to-Pay automation greatly reduces AP processing costs. The need to copy and resend Invoices is eliminated.

That means:

  • Invoices are electronic, so they never get misfiled, lost, or mistakenly duplicated
  • Access any document online anywhere, anytime. Procure-to-Pay life cycle is complete, paperless, fast, reliable, simple
  • Electronically manage each aspect of the P2P process including Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payments
  • Eliminate costly, time-consuming manual entry, which is rife with opportunity for errors. Remove Accounts Payable as a bottleneck
  • Improve Internal Controls
  • Secure a solid audit trail for compliance

No more paper = no more filing = no more lost invoices = no more wasted time! P2P automation means less searching for errors, fewer inquiries from suppliers, a complete audit trail, and low cycle time, all done to make your life easier.

Your company deserves the best Procure-to-Pay Automation Solution!