Peer to Peer Communication through Automated AP

Peer to Peer Communication through Automated AP

One common fear when removing, or at least limiting, the human element of an Accounts Payable System and replacing it with an automated AP is that communication and relationships will suffer. It’s an understandable concern—most computer programs aren’t known for encouraging solid peer to peer communication. SnapAP, however, was designed to be far more than just an efficient way to ensure your payments go out. In fact, integrating an Automated Accounts Payable can actually increase your company’s ability to flawlessly communicate both internally and externally. SnapAP is more than just automated AP, it’s a P2P communication platform as well.

Decentralized Communication

With SnapAP, communication can be initiated by any party at any time. Both you and your Suppliers have access to information and functions within the system, and both parties can effortlessly communicate any concerns. In a legacy system, not only would potential problems usually go entirely unnoticed, resolving them would be a much trickier process. With SnapAP, both you, appointed people within your company, and your Supplier are able to access a system that is fully transparent, send and receive files, and communicate back and forth any time you please. This type of peer to peer communication is completely transparent and decentralized, fostering trust, efficiency, and beneficial relationships.

Access to Any File at Any Time

Gone are the days of having to search through a file cabinet, or even through a computer database for the data you need. With SnapAP, all the files and data you need are literally at your fingertips. Perhaps even better, appropriate information is at the fingertips of your Suppliers as well. In a system where so much information is so readily accessible by both parties, peer to peer communication is greatly enhanced. Should your Supplier have any question about the data they are seeing on their end, they can instantly contact you and reference the exact data or file in question, making communication smoother for the both of you.

The Power of P2P Communication

Granted, peer to peer communication may not be the first thing a company considers when they install an Automated Accounts Payable system, but along with eliminating defects and boosting efficiency, Automated Accounts Payable is an incredibly effective way of fostering better communication between your company and its Suppliers. The importance of good communication cannot be overstated. If you would like to learn more about this benefit and many others that SnapAP offers, feel free to contact us. We’d love the chance to engage in some peer to peer communication with you.