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Maintain better control…

Over the entire P2P process

Automated Accounts Payable software holds the key to any business' cash flow. It's always a matter of increasing sales and lowering expenses, and the P2P automation (Procure-to-Pay) solutions offered by GSCM means you can see and control expenses. This will save your company significant amounts of money. Reports show that AP automation and better accounts payable management reduces procure to pay processing costs by more than 42%.

Automated accounts payable solutions also provides you with the information you need to negotiate with vendors for better payment terms and purchase price. And instead of missing deadlines, as often happens with the old paper process, you can now take advantage of early Payment discount opportunities. Delays in payment can also damage communications with Suppliers…so using Snap products helps keep suppliers happy.

Better accounts payable management made simple and accurate

Snap products allows for easy retrieval of invoices when needed, with all steps of the P2P process recorded digitally and linked to other related documents.

Software such as SnapAP is designed to be completely electronic, right from the Purchase Order all the way to payment. There is no scanning or ‘digitizing’ necessary. And to keep it simple, SnapAP has a built in Approval Hierarchy management process. Approval limits are set by you, so you always have 100% control.


  • Cycle time reduction
  • Less time spent on Supplier enquiries
  • Accounts Payable defect elimination
  • Discount capture
  • Cost savings
  • Improved relationships with Suppliers
  • Procure-to-Pay security
  • No lost invoices
  • Easy retrieval of Invoices; save time and enjoy better compliancy
  • Ability to track the status of Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments at any point in the P2P life cycle
  • Manage all types of Invoices: Material, Services and even Non-PO Invoices

As a potential source of cost savings and improved relationships with Suppliers, AP automation should be top of mind for Finance executives. It can lead to improvements in transaction processing costs, shorter Payment times, more accurate Financial reports, and improved visibility.

Our goal is to improve communication, remove inefficiencies, and facilitate visibility; all while providing effective paperless Procure-to-Pay Software.