How to Choose the Right Software

How to Choose the Right Software for Your Automated Accounts Payable

Choosing which software you want to run your automated Accounts Payable can make or break your setup. Some systems come with powerful functionality, strict security, and plenty of useful features while others are barely functional at all. In order to choose a software that will provide the maximum benefit to your company, you will need to pay careful attention to a few key points. Find a software solution that offers all of the following benefits and your Accounts Payable will be running more smoothly than it ever has before.

Speed and Simplicity

Having an interface that is quick and simple to use is absolutely invaluable. As soon as SnapAP is installed, it is ready to be put to use. The interface is designed to be the most user-friendly option available and is made to almost instantly carry out processes that were once long and frustrating. A good automated Accounts Payable software should be built from the ground up to make the complex process of Procure-to-Pay as quick and easy as possible. With SnapAP, you can complete this entire process in minutes while still having far fewer mistakes and being more secure.

Safety and Security

Fraud is one of the number one concerns of large businesses today, and your Accounts Payable is often the number one target. Because of this, a good automated AP software should be impenetrable in its cyber security. In designing SnapAP, we recognized the importance of security and have equipped the software with more protection and countermeasures than any of the competitors. The system is still easy for you and your authorized users to access, but for anyone who does not have authorization it is all but impossible. This alone can drastically reduce the risk of your company ever becoming a victim of fraud.

Mobility and Other Perks

Automated Accounts Payable systems are renowned for their speed and efficiency, but there are other perks to the system as well. One of the biggest of these is the ability to access your Accounts Payable from any device, anywhere. With SnapAP, we have designed our system to be completely mobile, allowing you to get updates and make crucial payments on the go. Other perks of SnapAP include its proven ability to reduce defects by 90% and customizable settings to suit the requirements of each company or division.

Because of its advantages in these three key areas, SnapAP is currently the leading available software solution for automated Accounts Payable. If you are interested in implementing this powerful new system in your own business, feel free to request a quote today.