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Today, going paperless is a must!

Paperless Procure-to-Pay solutions are about more than environmentalism

GSCM makes Procure-to-Pay automation software that is secure, easy to use, and manages all your E-Invoicing needs - helping your company go paperless effortlessly. Simplicity in function allows you to manage your Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments electronically, curing the 'addiction' to paper that we suffer from but also creating a much more efficient Procure-to-Pay process. We want that beautiful simplicity, after all.

Not only is this good news for your own company, Suppliers also love GSCM tools because they have access to all of their records online, 24/7. They no longer need to call your AP department to determine the status of any Invoice or payment, or send paper Invoices through the mail. They also never have to send another statement, as everything is right there - visible to both you and your Suppliers!

Going paperless means:

  • Happier Suppliers
  • Happier Employees
  • Better accuracy: avoid duplication and errors during processing
  • Easier locating of documents when needed
  • Secure data, ensuring legitimacy of the Supplier Invoice
  • Better tracking of processing and the approval cycle
  • Damage prevention
  • Reduced costs, eliminating postage, printer costs, paper, and ink
  • No more filing, paper cuts, filing cabinets, off-site storage, or piles of paper
  • Tracking and matching Invoices to their Purchase Order and Receipts

Accounts Payable is still a paper-heavy business function. For companies responding to Aberdeen's latest AP survey, nearly 77% of all incoming invoices were still paper-based as of 2014. Paperless AP using GSCM Accounts Payable software means cycle time reduction and scalable procure to pay solutions, with great potential for savings and growth on top of better 'green' practices.

We know how important the 'green' part is. In 2012, paper and cardboard comprised more than a quarter of annual municipal waste at 27%. According to studies, an average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Collectively, that equates to 4 million tons of paper used in one year in the US. So why not stop the cost and guilt of paper with GSCM's paperless AP software?

Join the paperless revolution

Electronic invoicing is more accepted with Suppliers these days, even expected, and E-Invoicing garners a faster response. Add electronic Purchase Orders and Payment solutions, and you remove the need for printing and filing hard copies of any documents. Both of these steps cost your company time and money, to say nothing of the frustration of chasing errors. AP automation is the solution.

Faster. Cleaner. Better. Simplicity never looked so good.