VIDEO: P2P Accounts Payable Tips – High Defect Rates

Eliminate Accounting Defects

We’ve all seen it time and time again, costly errors in the procure to payment process that waste the valuable time and energy of the accounts payable department. Invoice defects decrease productivity and slow down the payment process, often resulting in missed opportunities for discounts, strained relationships with suppliers and frustrated employees who just can’t get ahead. In fact, many AP departments report that over 30% of invoices contain defects, leading to an endless process of uncovering and fixing errors, all of which is very costly!

Optimize Your Accounts Payable System to Ensure Accuracy and Save Time

SnapAP’s paperless accounts payable system provides an opportunity to eliminate Procure to Pay defects, optimizing accounts payable’s time and energy. With SnapAP your suppliers will receive purchase orders electronically, providing them the opportunity for up-front review.

By comparing purchase orders to invoices before sending them, your suppliers will ensure the accuracy of the invoices. As a result, defect rates are typically lowered to below 2%, allowing the AP department to increase efficiency and productivity exponentially, focusing on the road ahead, not revisiting jobs that should have already been completed. The process is easy and clear, and gains consensus from all involved on the front end, leading to smoother relationships between you and your suppliers, and less time spent dealing with time-consuming supplier inquiries.

Visit and see how our superior accounts payable control panel can lead to a streamlined process, smoother relationships and better morale for AP departments large and small. View our demonstration and learn more about how SnapAP can increase the productivity of your accounts payable department today.