When Your Accounts Payable System Has You Living In A Horror Movie

The Darkness Of Your Current Accounts Payable System

ftftFear. Anger. Sadness. Worry. Despair. Frustration. Stress. These are all emotions you go through while watching a decent scary movie, but they sound more familiar… don’t they?

“The office is quiet. Too quiet. You lean back in your chair, wondering why your heart is beating so quickly as you feel your thoughts become muddled. You jump as a noise cracks the silence, when you realize that it was simply the phone on your desk ringing. You laugh to yourself for being so silly as you answer it. You’re startled a second time when the voice on the other end of the line is your supplier, sounding very agitated. They’re asking for a specific invoice, and you scramble to look for it, spouting reassurances into the mouthpiece. But where is it? Why isn’t it where it should be? You don’t have the time for this! Who has this invoice?!”

Ah that’s right! That’s where you know those emotions from! Paper invoices run a pretty high risk of getting themselves sucked into the twilight zone. Even if you do manage to dig them up from the grave, they’ll still be late and start costing you almost more money than they’re worth.


The Supernatural Effects Of Your Ancient Paper-Based System

Have your late and lost invoices started whispering to you? One is telling you it’s lost in the internal mail, while another says it’s been filed incorrectly. A third complains about being forgotten under a stack of paperwork on an approvers desk, and the most disconcerting is one saying it was simply thrown away by accident. No matter what’s haunting you, it won’t go away unless something is done about it. All of these issues build up and cause negative effects on both you and your accounts payable team. The ghost of lost-invoices past will eventually cause stress and mistrust amongst everyone, and could even lead to loss of sleep and a lack of focus for everyone involved. This ghost feeds on this lack of focus which means more errors, more mistakes, and even more lost invoices.

Avoiding The Twilight Zone With SnapAP, Accounts Payable Automation Software

Your invoices have a nasty habit of getting themselves lost like socks in a dryer, and as frustrating as it is, it’s unavoidable and all part of the process. But surprise! It doesn’t need to be. Unlike in a horror movie, when that lifesaving weapon or doorhandle is just out of reach, an Accounts Payable Automated Software will keep everything right where you need it, when you need it. Starting yourself up with a nice new software such as SnapAP is similar to bringing an entire ghost hunter squad to an amusement park haunted house; no matter what happens, you’re covered.

The Light Of Accounts Payable Automated Software

No matter what horror flick you’re watching, you always find yourself thinking the same thoughts. “Don’t go through that door.” “Why would you not run away?” “No, don’t go check out that awful screeching noise coming from the dark alley.” But isn’t staying with an outdated paper-based accounts payable system the same thing as what these people in the movies do? All these issues could be avoided if you simply decided ‘Nah, I’m gonna stay away from the spooky basement in the abandoned house.’ You make these smart decisions so many times in your head, make the leap to safety and do it in real life. Sign up for a free full demo of SnapAP, and you can sit back in your chair and laugh at all the heartache and terrible emotions you’ve avoided. If you’re still unsure if you want to give it a shot, then hit that calculate now button below and you’ll get one last fright when you see how much savings you’re missing out on.


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