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Who is GSCM?

GSCM Innovative Solutions Inc. is a privately owned Canadian Corporation. The company began in 2008. The head office is in Calgary, Alberta. The development work is all done in our office in Dieppe, New Brunswick.

The GSCM Innovative Solutions team is made up of a mix of employees and independent consultants. Our resources are Software Development Professionals. Our main focus is providing Automated Business Solutions. Our tools are generic and can be used in any industry. We also provide custom designed solutions. Our tools have been in use since 2009.

GSCM Innovative Solutions has provided solutions for Customers in Canada, the United States, Maldives and Australia. Assignments have been completed in English and French. Our Customers have been in hard rock mining, coal mining, manufacturing, mine contracting and the engineering/construction business. GSCM Innovative Solutions uses a disciplined approach based on Lean/ Six Sigma principles in all of its engagements. Most of our work is done in our offices in Dieppe, New Brunswick but some support is provided at the Customer’s site.​

Our philosophy is simple: Do it right the first time and eliminate any defects downstream.​

Typical Work Process for Custom Tools

  • Customer need is identified
  • Concept Design
  • Concept Design review
  • Specification is written 
  • Customer Specification review
  • Final Specification is written
  • Customer Final Specification review
  • Programmer Specification review
  • Programmer/Specification
  • Writer review
  • Code Design
  • Code Design review
  • Coding
  • Programmer testing
  • Code review
  • Phase 1 testing (GSCM)
  • Phase 2 testing (GSCM/Customer)
  • Phase 3 testing (pre-production)
  • Production