3 Procure to Pay Tips

3 Ways to Improve Your Procure-to-Pay Process

Is your Procure-to-Pay system doing all it can for you? Or is your AP department a little grumpy these days? A good Procure-to-Pay solution like SnapAP Accounts Payable Software uses automated AP solutions to streamline the entire Procure-to-Pay process. SnapAP allows you to send a paperless Purchase Order; receive Invoices digitally so they never get misfiled, lost or mistakenly duplicated; match information on the PO, Invoice, and delivery manifest; get approval for Payment online from anywhere, anytime; and even handle electronic Payments. The entire Procure-to-Pay process is complete, paperless, fast, reliable, and simple.

Snap-Blog-Images-EasyThe first way to improve your P2P is to ensure your Accounts Payable software is doing all it can. Do you have e-Invoicing? Is the software easy to use? Does it bog down with high volume? By automating through electronic Invoicing, electronic Purchase Orders, and electronic Payment solutions, your Procure-to-Pay process becomes completely paperless. Add the automated processing and approval cycles, and you can see how Procure-to-Pay automation greatly reduces AP processing costs, and the need to scan, copy and resend Invoices is eliminated.

It has to be Easy to Use

Fully automating your AP process is essential, and your second way to improve your Procure-to-Pay process, but it shouldn’t be hard. SnapAP Accounts Payable Software embraces simplicity so you can create easy and more accurate compliancy. Whether it’s the boss or the government asking, when you need reports, SnapAP makes sure you have them.
There are amazing advancements in the world of Procure-to-Pay software. Capturing and tracking data for the Accounts Payable system is only one benefit. With digital data, comparative analytics is readily possible, allowing for information to be pulled and compared against any other data in the network. It becomes easier to understand exactly where the company stands, taking into account outstanding Invoices and POs and giving you an accurate cash flow picture. Plus, manual data entry processes are eliminated.

It has to Work for Our Vendors

The third way to improve your P2P process is to give suppliers 24/7 access to Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payment status. SnapAP provides thisSnap-Blog-Images-User-Friendly without paying monthly fees or needing special software. Electronic Invoicing is a big component of paperless Procure-to-Pay systems. Eliminate the need for scanning paper documents, which doesn’t allow for the data to be accessed by keyword and requires extra work by the AP department. While there are companies working on ways to extract data from PDFs, using a system that allows the Supplier to create an online Invoice that you can then access, match with your PO, and confirm with the delivery is priceless.

Try the Best in AP Automation

No more paper, no more filing, no more lost invoices…no more wasted time! Accounts Payable automation means no more searching through stacks of papers for errors. It means fewer inquiries from Suppliers, a complete audit trail, and lower cycle time. Your company deserves the best in Procure-to-Pay automation, so why not try SnapAP today?